SafeSport Training

All registered youth managers, coaches, and scorekeepers MUST complete the SafeSport training and/or SafeSport Refresher course.

SafeSport Refresher Course & ACE Delay –

  1. for the 2019 season, the US Center for SafeSport is implementing a required refresher course to be taken by all those that took the SafeSport training during our 2018 season. All coaches that did not take SafeSport during the 2018 Season will need to take the SafeSport (not the refresher course) training in order to be compliant.
  2. In order to strive to meet our goal of 100% compliancy with the USOC’s requirement of SafeSport completion by all covered individuals, we will be delaying the returning ACE coaches’ ability to take their next level of ACE until Oct. 1, 2018. If a coach has not yet taken the SafeSport program, then he or she will be able to access the ACE Education training upon completion of the SafeSport training (the refresher course will not be needed if SafeSport training is completed after Sept.1, 2018).


Beginning immediately, the free SafeSport training program is available to all members of USA Softball and the course can be taken by first logging in to the RegisterUSA Softball website and then accessing the SafeSport option under the ACE Education tab. 


To cultivate and steward a culture of dignity and respect in sport. 

Enable every athlete to thrive by fostering a national sport culture of respect and safety, on and off the field of play. 

Covered Individuals
The following is a list of categories under USA Softball that are subject to SafeSport training and Reporting: 

  1. National Office Staff
  2. National Teams, including:
    1. Staff
    2. Coaches
    3. Players
    4. Athletic Trainers
    5. Medical Personnel
    6. Umpires appointed by the NGB to national championship events or international events
  3. Local Association Softball Officials, including:
    1. Board of Directors
    2. Commissioners appointed by the NGB
    3. JO Commissioners appointed by the NGB Commissioners
    4. Player Representatives appointed by the NGB Commissioners
    5. Umpires-In-Chief appointed by the NGB Commissioners
    6. National Championship Tournament Directors appointed by the NGB or NGB Commissioners
  4. A.C.E. Program Coaches of NGB’s Local Association Members

SafeSport training topics include the following

  1. Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education
  2. Mandatory Reporting
  3. Emotional and Physical Misconduct

Each topic is approximately 30 minutes followed by a test and each topic provides a separate certificate upon completion. 

All three courses must be completed in order to show a completed status on the RegisterUSA system, and in some cases to be allowed to continue processing additional membership options. 

SafeSport training must be completed every two (2) years. 

We encourage everyone take the free training now even those who have completed the training in recent years as a new version was just released in December 2107. SafeSport is free to everyone including coaches, athletes, parents and administrators at all levels. 

GET STARTED: Login (or create an account) on and then access the SafeSport option under the ACE Education tab. When you’re on the SafeSport site please be sure to select USA Softball from the Organization list in order for USA Softball to be notified by SafeSport of your completion status. 

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